The Dullards

The Dullards band

The Dullards got up to all sorts of things… busking, fringe club, kings cross new years eve stripper, harold park, name changes, strawberry hills, punters club in Melbourne, recordings to convert… but for now, here’s one letter of recommendation from John Noble of the Adelaide Fringe Festival…

John Noble, 19/06/1990
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERNDuring The Adelaide Festival of Arts in March/April of this year, I was Manager of the Festival Club. The club was a late-night entertainment venue operating between the hours of 10.00pm and 6.00am. In the course of an average evening, approximately 700 would pass through the club. We offered entertainment in two venues; a fully equipped theatre setup in cabaret style, and a rather more difficult bar area. It was in this capacity that I met the members of ARRRT [The Dullards].
The Dullards band reference
The Dullards band reference
The group were performing their theatre piece FIST OF AFFECTION to favourable houses in an adjoining theatre, and were booked to perform at the club, in the bar area, as a jazz ensemble. Their first appearance was on a particularly rowdy night. It was a prospect that had prompted other performers to run for cover. Not so ARRRT! The performers charmed the audience with their own peculiar blend of music and personality. On the basis of that performance I booked them again, and the results were the same. Subsequently the group was booked regularly as a ‘play out’ act. They seemed to have the ability to calm the savage soul of a group of very late night revellers, and to send them home happy. On one occasion they jammed with an amazing South African singer, and it is a performance I shall never forget.On a personal level, I found Scott, Douglas and Guy to be very intelligent and accommodating men. They were very professional in their approach, very reliable and, perhaps most importantly, very talented.I have no hesitation in recommending ARRRT to any other management. Their act is unique and should be seen widely.Yours sincerelyJOHN NOBLE
So there you go, a class act.

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