The Bob Dylan Revue

With five-piece rockin’ band!

The Bob Dylan Revue musically captures the essential story of Dylan’s prolific and creative life. It will entertain, inform and move even the purest of Bobcat fans.

The Show

The five-piece band reproduce a sound eerily close to what Bob Dylan described as “…that thin, that wild mercury sound…”*. Long-term devotees will be amazed at the accurateness of the musical interpretations and will chill out on a divine, virtual-history tour of reminiscent-Dylanessence. New generations will leave feeling they have not only been entertained but have learnt something about… A Life Less Ordinary.When Dylan first appeared on the scene in New York City, 1962, at Tin Pan Alley, Tenderhook’s fabulous five-piece band were already rehearsing – in nappies. Now, the (exceptionally well rehearsed) Bob Dylan Revue is touring with a fully equipped production inspired by Bob’s life and brilliant repertoire of classic songs.The band includes Drums, Bass, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Violin, a Hammond Organ rig to die for, Vocals, Harmony Vocals and (of course) the Blues Harp. The show is presented by some fine musicians (all dedicated Dylan devotees), whose combined experience constitutes over 100 years of live performing.This retrospective (with sincere gratitude and musical respect for Mr Dylan) covers the best of each era (so far). It includes the songs of ‘66 when Bob was singing along-side Elvis and Hendrix, plus The Rolling Thunder Revue years and The Never Ending Tour, with Bob in gypsy mode, making one of the most captivating and eclectic albums of his life… Desire. Also included are a couple of the Travelling Wilbury’s well-known tunes and a perfect selection from Time Out Of Mind.

Douglass Bishop as Bob Dylan

Being a Dylan fan from his late teens, Douglass is a great choice to play the roll of Bob Dylan. There is an uncanny resemblance to the man himself. Douglass has a natural feel for the Guitar, Blues harp and that distinctive vocal style… even Dylan himself would be a little puzzled at first… but he’ll come around.Douglass is also involved with the original band Tenderhooks and has worked as a Festival Director, Events Coordinator and Promoter.


“A top night out at a steal of a price”
“I have to confess, I’m not as much of a Dylan tragic as others on this page – but if you’ve gotta serve somebody, Bob is fine by me.”“The Bob Dylan Revue is big and bold; the harmonica solos are fantastic and my personal litmus test – their rendition of Hurricane – left me misty eyed and humming the song for days. The show has an effortless 1970s feel (and not just because it’s in an RSL). Even the most diehard anti folk music audience member will be moved to tap a toe or two. A top night out at a steal of a price. I’m contemplating taking up the harmonica and reading a Bob Dylan biography.” – Fiona Carruthers
“The Dylan boys were outstanding…”
“The Dylan boys were outstanding at last week’s Coogee-Randwick RSL concert, with Douglass’ Dylan costume transformations, uncanny vocals and harmonica taking us seamlessly through the musical repertoire of the great man, with thirty-odd songs laid down in the evening.”“It seriously rocked, with stand-out backing by Dennis on lead guitar, Guy’s effortless bass and violin and the other lads on Hammond organ and drums, producing an authentic sound of their own, as well as capturing the essence of Dylan’s magic.” – Peter O’Hara
“Totally blown away…”
“Two friends and I were in the audience for The Bob Dylan Revue last week. Totally blown away with what we heard and saw.Especially loved Like A Rolling Stone and Quinn The Eskimo. The costume changes and musicianship were superb. The choice of songs covering Dylan’s career was right on. We also really enjoyed the songs from The Rolling Thunder Review, Maggie’s Farm.” – Mike Giles
“The show was absolutely incredible”
“I saw the Bob Dylan Revue at Coogee-Randwick RSL last night. I went with a group of friends who are all Dylan tragics. Our expectations were not high.”“The show was absolutely incredible. Each member of the band was superb. The combination of the Hammond organ with harmonica and guitars produced a sound which is eerily close to what Dylan has described as “that thin, wild, mercury sound”. The singer (Douglass Bishop) did a brilliant job on rhythm guitar, harmonica and vocals.It was great to hear some less obvious song selections like Rita May, Tight Connection To My Heart and Everything Is Broken.In the past we have organized three Dylan conventions, each with live music. The first one was at the Bridge Hotel in 1992. The last one was 1998 at North Bondi RSL. I hope you guys are still around when we plan the next convention.We have monthly Dylan meetings at the Abercrombie Hotel (formerly Australian Hotel), corner Abercrombie St and Broadway, every third Monday at 7pm (I told you we were tragic). So please keep us posted about your next gig. We will be there with (cracked) bells on.” – Pete
* Interview with Bob Dylan by Ron Rosenbaum, Playboy 1978

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