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guychapman.net Web Site Update

I have just released an updated version of this guychapman.net web site that moves all the content to run on a WordPress installation. When the site was first created in 2006 it was all built as […]

Why Throw Down Your Guns?

2013-06-14 Update: I have recently updated the web site and changed the domain name from ‘throwdownyourguns.com’ to ‘guychapman.net’ so the sentiment of this post still applies but the name has changed. A few people have […]

Carbon Neutral Hosting

The good people at Ilisys who host the throwdownyourguns.com site just announced they are “the first hosting company in Australia to become carbon neutral”. Ilisys said “By running our headquarters and data centre on 100% […]

The Big Daddy Blues

Since establishment of the web site, I have been keeping a keen eye on Google’s index to see if and when the site gets picked up, so I’d like to give a big welcome to […]

Scant Regard for Testing

Throwdownyourguns Shows Scant Regard for Testing Media Release Throwdownyourguns Shows Scant Regard for Testing SYDNEY, Australia—April 04, 2006—Throwdownyourguns today announced that they were sick of waiting to get all the content finished before launching their […]