Small Talk

Small Talk was a contemporary acoustic music show that Douglass Bishop of Tenderhooksmusic held every second Sunday afternoon at a couple of different pubs in Sydney back around 2002-2003.

The Clare Hotel, 20 Broadway, Ultimo hosted it for a while and before that it was around the corner at The Gladstone on Regent St Chippendale.

Small Talk started nice ‘n’ early at 4:30 finishing at 8:30. It was a great lazy Sunday arvo sitting around in a very relaxed and intimate atmos’. Listening and watching Sydney’s finest, as well as new-comers. There were all types of acoustic music from Classical to folk punk (acoustic style). A number of them are listed below…

Small Talk 31 August 2003
Hiske Weijers, Alex Burnett, Andrew Abbot, Peter Miller-Robinson Group.

Small Talk Poster 17 August 2003
Greg Nunan, Shimmer, Tenderhooks, Akradia.

Small Talk Poster 22 June 2003
Hiske Weijers, Simon Fishburn, Tenderhooks, Zed Blunt.

Small Talk Poster 8 June 2003
Greg Nunan, Panda, Bare Bones, Tenderhooks.

Small Talk Poster 25 May 2003
Shane Coombe, The Tony Evans Band, Tenderhooks, Trilithium.

Small Talk Poster 11 May 2003
Vic Farrell, Janine Emerson Band, Shimmer, Tenderhooks.

Small Talk Poster 20 April 2003
Tenderhooks, February Dream, Idiom, Blicka.

Small Talk Poster 6 April 2003
Shane Coombe, Bare Bones, Janet Swain, Tenderhooks.

Small Talk Poster 23 March 2003
Peter Miller-Robinson, Lou Star, Second Truth, Tenderhooks.

Small Talk Poster 9 March 2003
Howard Jackson & Arron Fletcher, K.E.L, Pete Scott, Tenderhooks.

Small Talk Poster 16 February 2003
Michael Azzopardi, Panda, Vengent Fairy,Tenderhooks.

Small Talk Poster 08 December 2002
Janet Swain, Pete Scott, Tenderhooks, Torsion Field, Rebecca Henry.

Small Talk Poster 27 October 2002
Butterfly 9, Peter Miller-Robinson, Brian Gordon, Tenderhooks.

Small Talk Poster 29 September 2002
Janet Swain, Tenderhooks, Bradford Robinson and June Newman, K.E.L.

Small Talk Poster 25 August 2002
Guernica, Panda, Tenderhooks, Adam Alexander.

Small Talk Poster 11 August 2002
Butterfly 9, Michael Azzopardi, My Friend Benny, Tenderhooks.

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