Large Figures


Like dreams, paintings are all about yourself, everything is a self portrait.

In this one I am at once Benedicta and Piggyman, perhaps we all are, depends if it’s a good day or not. Don’t feel sorry for Piggyman though, he’s a dirty little bastard that Benedicta likes to keep around ’cause he’s got a few tricks that keep her amused.

This is a series of seven large figurative paintings from the early ’90s. Oil on canvas 1900 x 2000.

Benedicta | Kite | Broken Lance | Jane | Knee Lip | Still Life | St Martin


Looking back at this work at a later date I realised the landscape in the background fascinated me. Zooming in on that became the initial starting point for a later series of landscape paintings of the New Zealand Hills.

Broken Lance

Saint George, later in life, meets another dragon and things don’t go as well as they did last time.

George has had a good life but when he gets older and a bit wiser he begins to question things he would have taken for granted previously. Where is my beautiful lance? What is my beautiful lance? Why is that dragon looking at me that way? The lance, a symbol of sexual and spiritual virility is broken, it’s more of a snapped blind-persons cane. It’s a symbol of beliefs, of a faith that’s broken. more…

Benedicta | Kite | Broken Lance | Jane | Knee Lip | Still Life | St Martin


Knee Lip

Still Life

St Martin

After El Greco. An oil painting of Saint Martin and the Beggar. You may note how this painting depicts the other not-so-saintly works of Mr Martin. He gives no portion of his cape to the beggar but kicks him in the nuts and stabs him through the throat. Charming.