Drawing of Redfern roof-tops
Painting of Redfern roof-tops
Painting of Redfern roof-tops

The pencil sketch was done from the roof of the Flinders Street campus of The City Art Institute of Sydney in 1988. The acrylic painting was made from the drawing but I think the original pencil sketch was the better work.

City Art don’t have that campus building any more and they changed their name too – a few times. They are now part of the University of New South Wales.

In the ’80s, before The Palace Hotel was renovated, you could get a $1.50 beef and mustard roll to have with your beer. This was lunch for many City Art students walking between buildings. It used to be my routine after finishing painting sessions at the Flinders Street campus to walk back to the Paddington campus through the Palace Hotel, grab a beef and mustard roll from the hole-in-the-wall kitchen. That and a quick beer set us up for an afternoon of Myth, Archetype and The Sublime.

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