Photo of Puppy

She came to stay for a weekend break from the pet shop…

They had lovingly pumped her full of so much food, she spent the next twenty-four hours pissing and shitting everywhere. She was the shape of a small hippo’ at first but looked more like a staffy-shaped puppy on the last day. Tears of course upon having to return the beast to the shop. 

She stayed elsewhere on another occasion and caught ring-worm. It knocked her about a bit. Eventually she went to live with someone who sounded like they would take good care of her. 

Note the puppy spit in the image, she did a bit of that.

Salivary Glands… okay, so I know you need to know, a dog (or cat) has four salivary glands, Mandibular, Parotid, Sublingual and Zygomatic. Got that?
  • Mandibular – the mandible, the jaw
  • Parotid – in front of and below the ears
  • Sublingual – under the toung
  • Zygomatic – of the zygomatic bones, the cheek bones, Malars or Jugals

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