New Zealand Hills – Landscape 15-097


A landscape oil painting based on the New Zealand hills in ornate gold frame.

  • Landscape 15-097, 2013 Oil on Canvas
  • The painting is 200x200mm square
  • Total framed size is 440x440mm square
  • Image detail

This series pushed the collection towards the abstract end of the scale for the sixty-something works included in that show. This was a deliberate conversation with the viewers to pull them out of reading all the works as misty, romantic and representation paintings – with these ones you need to address the mark making.

All the works in they exhibition were painted across numerous sessions in layers of oil paint glazes. With these ones, brighter colours of the underpainting are exposed by scraping and sanding back the top layers. This frame is about 50mm deep and 440mm square which is larger than some of the other works showing in the shop.

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