Life Tips for the Risk Averse


A few life tips for the risk-averse, things I have picked up along the way that you may find useful:

  • Assume all car drivers want to kill you when you ride a motorbike
  • A tractor wants to kill you every second you are around it, even when it’s off – remain conscious and deliberate in your actions
  • When sliding out of control down a wet hill on a tractor, resist the urge to apply the brakes or jump off – accellerate into the slide to regain traction
  • Never look up if someone talks to you when you are using a power saw – remain conscious and deliberate in your actions
  • Treat all electrical wires as if they are live – even if you know you turned the main off
  • To avoid jarring the wrist when digging in rocky ground always let go of the spade at the last moment
  • The right tool for the job – a boot is not a tool
  • Don’t climb fences with a rifle – pass it through the fence first
  • Don’t piss on electric fences

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