Despondent Chimp

These two drawings titled Despondent Chimp’ 1 and 2 are from 1996. They are produced with charcoal and coloured chalk on paper. The frames are made with beautiful recycled timber rescued from an old wharf […] Web Site Update

I have just released an updated version of this web site that moves all the content to run on a WordPress installation. When the site was first created in 2006 it was all built as […]

2013 – The New Zealand Hills

This exhibition was titled The New Zealand Hills and had a large number of oil paintings that were just 200mm square but framed in large, ornate gold profiles. Many of the works were sold at the […]

The Ukelles

The Ukelles are another fun band based around the Ukulele but with a good collection of other instruments and musicians. I’ve been playing Violin and Mandolin with them for some time now, so much fun.

The fUKErs

The big men of little music are renowned as one of Australia’s most entertaining ukulele ensembles. This quirky eight piece band boasts numerous ukulele players, jazz guitar, double bass, drums, violin, mandolin and an array of […]

Self Landscape

This oil painting was produced in 2013 on 30 canvas panels each 200mm square. The work is a continuation of the landscape theme in the 2013 exhibition

Strings – Short Film

Strings is a short film by Guy Chapman that won the graduating students award for Best Film at City Art Institute in 1991. The work-print was screened at the graduating exhibition and after graduating received […]

Why Throw Down Your Guns?

2013-06-14 Update: I have recently updated the web site and changed the domain name from ‘’ to ‘’ so the sentiment of this post still applies but the name has changed. A few people have […]

The Bob Dylan Revue

With five-piece rockin’ band! The Bob Dylan Revue musically captures the essential story of Dylan’s prolific and creative life. It will entertain, inform and move even the purest of Bobcat fans. The Show The five-piece […]


The Tenderhooks band was an originals outfit fronted by Douglass Bishop, singer songwriter (Douglass is in the middle in the image above between Guy Chapman at the front and T-Rev Champion). We played original music around […]

Twang – Whatcha Gonna Do?

Twang was an originals band from Sydney, Australia. They played all over town in the ’80s and ’90s and recorded an EP in 1997 titled Highly Strung And Ready To Twang that is available on […]

The Dullards

The Dullards got up to all sorts of things… busking, fringe club, kings cross new years eve stripper, harold park, name changes, strawberry hills, punters club in Melbourne, recordings to convert… but for now, here’s […]

Small Talk

Small Talk was a contemporary acoustic music show that Douglass Bishop of Tenderhooksmusic held every second Sunday afternoon at a couple of different pubs in Sydney back around 2002-2003. The Clare Hotel, 20 Broadway, Ultimo […]

The Hotdogs

A covers band that used to play Rock classics from the ’60s & ’70s. The Hotdogs captured the sound of a period when music was raw and real. The five-piece band fronted by Douglass Bishop had […]

QE2 in Sydney

A quick snap of the back-end of the Queen Elizabeth 2 at Circular Quay today (8 March 2012). They say it’s the largest ship ever to have docked at that terminal and about 10 meters […]

Bagel House

The Bagel House was a great Sydney cafe, near Taylor square, I played some jazz there in the ’80s with friends in an outfit called Jazabilly, or some times The Dullards. I wonder what became […]

Queen of Dreams – Aligned

I caught this by chance the other day heading over the Sydney Harbour Bridge into the city. It’s the cover image of Queen of Dreams by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni aligned with a train passenger. It […]


An undated – clipping from a New Zealand newspaper, some time in the early ’80s reads… Rock band really did Brussells [sic] A concert on October 28 by the Irish new wave band U2 in […]

Rant ‘n’ Rave

I saved this image years ago from a New Zealand news paper – a great set of characters. The text reads: Mrs Iris Strickland – one of the few voices supporting the MP for Hastings, […]

It’s All Been Done Before

It has – there’s not a bloody original thought left in the world. Just try and come up with a catchy name for a web-site. Someone has always been there first. Pricks! When I was […]


She came to stay for a weekend break from the pet shop… They had lovingly pumped her full of so much food, she spent the next twenty-four hours pissing and shitting everywhere. She was the […]

Phonetic Alphabet

There’s a whole history to this alphabet and various different versions of it. It’s all out there on the web if you are interested in that. I’ve just put this up here ’cause I keep […]

Fist Of Affection

Well on the first night our little arty theatre show opened at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in March 1990, the first couple of rows were filled with leather-men waiting to see the fist-fucking show. We […]

The Feel of The Day

Waking up today and seeing the grey, overcast sky reminds me of working on the farm. The feeling of what the day would be like out in the the weather was tangible. What the wet […]


In 1994 Harlos Productions presented Felix Mitterer’s play Siberia at the Lookout Theatre in Woollahara. The production was nominated for the Sydney Critic’s Circle Award. The Lookout theatre has gone now. I was asked to produce […]

Luther In My Lounge Room

Martin Luther was a bit of a prick really, I never did like having him over to stay. He was so fucking impatient, always banging on the bathroom door while I was trying to back-one-out […]

Cutting Corners

This puzzle was hours of fun as a kid. It was just a box of wooden blocks with pictures stuck on each side. There was a bus, car, plane, ship, steam train and a second […]

The Triffids at the Enmore

Here’s another one from a while ago. 1989, The Triffids at the Enmore theatre in Newtown, Sydney, Australia. Standing room only, poor sound but I guess that’s the deal with the real thing.

Picasso Bike

This sculpture was welded up from old bicycles and figures cut from sheet metal with the oxy acetylene torch. It was fun, you could ride it like a bike and the head-piece would rotate in […]

El Greco

This image of El Greco’s (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) painting of Saint Martin and the Beggar, comes from an old 1954 Collins Fontana book I worked from. The original painting is in the National Gallery of Art, […]


This colour wheel is based on the Albert Munsell Colour System that has 100 steps, with the primary colours being Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. It was an early Colour and Design exercise to […]

Constant Permeke

Constant Permeke was a painter who created some fantastic, bold and chunky works such as The Sower 1933 shown here. Constant worked a lot in this chunky style… he was a fairly solid chap himself. He […]

Art Studio

I had a great floor in my art studio for a while. After working on Baz Luhrmann’s 1992 film Strictly Ballroom, I inherited the dance floor from the film set. I rented a truck, carted […]

Carbon Neutral Hosting

The good people at Ilisys who host the site just announced they are “the first hosting company in Australia to become carbon neutral”. Ilisys said “By running our headquarters and data centre on 100% […]

Eugene Delacroix

Eugene knocked this self portrait together in about 1837. A fine piece of work. Oil on canvas. I think it’s in the Louvre but don’t quote me on that. His full name was Ferdinand Victor […]

The Beggar

The full title of this oil painting is… The Beggar Feeling Awkwardly Clad in Saint Martin’s Famous Cloak. It has to do with some Latin words – cappa, capella, cappella, capellani – the tendency humans […]

The Big Daddy Blues

Since establishment of the web site, I have been keeping a keen eye on Google’s index to see if and when the site gets picked up, so I’d like to give a big welcome to […]

Apple Newton MessagePad 2100

The Apple Newton MessagePad 2100 with the Newton Keyboard attached. Perhaps Apple will catch up with themselves one day soon. I used this set up extensively for some while for email, calendar and to-do items. […]

Scant Regard for Testing

Throwdownyourguns Shows Scant Regard for Testing Media Release Throwdownyourguns Shows Scant Regard for Testing SYDNEY, Australia—April 04, 2006—Throwdownyourguns today announced that they were sick of waiting to get all the content finished before launching their […]

1997 What Is Love

“A supermarket of art on the theme of love and compassion, commencing on valentines day February 14, 1997. A benefit for the AIDS Trust of Australia.” I had several of these quick drawings in this […]

Pony Boy

Saint Martin, let’s call him Pony Boy, just couldn’t leave that Beggar alone. This is an oil painting triptych, with the Beggar, before and after Mr Martin has so kindly chopped off and handed out part […]