It’s All Been Done Before

It has – there’s not a bloody original thought left in the world. Just try and come up with a catchy name for a web-site. Someone has always been there first. Pricks!

When I was a kid I used to look out the car window on long, boring, family holiday trips and watch the lolly-pop men at each end of the inevitable New Zealand roadworks – back then the concept of roadworks was to rip up the road, dump a whole heap of rocks all over the place and let the traffic pack it all down for a few weeks.

Anyway, on one of these trips, I thought up this idea (this is in the ’70s) of portable traffic lights on a trailer at each end of the roadworks to control the traffic. Wireless technology didn’t occur to me but I thought it would need long cables on poles so the wires didn’t get crushed. I didn’t realise what I was on to.

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