Category: Painting

2013 – The New Zealand Hills

This exhibition was titled The New Zealand Hills and had a large number of oil paintings that were just 200mm square but framed in large, ornate gold profiles. Many of the works were sold at the […]

Self Landscape

This oil painting was produced in 2013 on 30 canvas panels each 200mm square. The work is a continuation of the landscape theme in the 2013 exhibition

Luther In My Lounge Room

Martin Luther was a bit of a prick really, I never did like having him over to stay. He was so fucking impatient, always banging on the bathroom door while I was trying to back-one-out […]

The Beggar

The full title of this oil painting is… The Beggar Feeling Awkwardly Clad in Saint Martin’s Famous Cloak. It has to do with some Latin words – cappa, capella, cappella, capellani – the tendency humans […]

Pony Boy

Saint Martin, let’s call him Pony Boy, just couldn’t leave that Beggar alone. This is an oil painting triptych, with the Beggar, before and after Mr Martin has so kindly chopped off and handed out part […]

Self Portrait 1991

This is a self portrait produced in 1991 with all the stuff of life around me and that questioning look that can be read as intense thinking or may just be concentrating on painting.  Sold […]


I’ve been organising some old images of earlier works and came across this oil painting. Scent is from 1991 and was built up over time with numerous layers and glazes. It was sold along the […]


Avocado is an oil painting that was hung in one of the the L’otel exhibitions. It sold to someone who said it was a gift for a friend or associate. This was one of my […]


Like dreams, paintings are all about yourself, everything is a self portrait. In this one I am at once Benedicta and Piggyman, perhaps we all are, depends if it’s a good day or not. Don’t feel […]

Broken Lance

Saint George, later in life, meets another dragon and things don’t go as well as they did last time. George has had a good life but when he gets older and a bit wiser he […]

St Martin

After El Greco. An oil painting of Saint Martin and the Beggar. You may note how this painting depicts the other not-so-saintly works of Mr Martin. He gives no portion of his cape to the […]