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QE2 in Sydney

A quick snap of the back-end of the Queen Elizabeth 2 at Circular Quay today (8 March 2012). They say it’s the largest ship ever to have docked at that terminal and about 10 meters […]

Queen of Dreams – Aligned

I caught this by chance the other day heading over the Sydney Harbour Bridge into the city. It’s the cover image of Queen of Dreams by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni aligned with a train passenger. It […]


An undated – clipping from a New Zealand newspaper, some time in the early ’80s reads… Rock band really did Brussells [sic] A concert on October 28 by the Irish new wave band U2 in […]

Rant ‘n’ Rave

I saved this image years ago from a New Zealand news paper – a great set of characters. The text reads: Mrs Iris Strickland – one of the few voices supporting the MP for Hastings, […]

It’s All Been Done Before

It has – there’s not a bloody original thought left in the world. Just try and come up with a catchy name for a web-site. Someone has always been there first. Pricks! When I was […]


She came to stay for a weekend break from the pet shop… They had lovingly pumped her full of so much food, she spent the next twenty-four hours pissing and shitting everywhere. She was the […]

Phonetic Alphabet

There’s a whole history to this alphabet and various different versions of it. It’s all out there on the web if you are interested in that. I’ve just put this up here ’cause I keep […]

The Feel of The Day

Waking up today and seeing the grey, overcast sky reminds me of working on the farm. The feeling of what the day would be like out in the the weather was tangible. What the wet […]

Cutting Corners

This puzzle was hours of fun as a kid. It was just a box of wooden blocks with pictures stuck on each side. There was a bus, car, plane, ship, steam train and a second […]