Benedicta oil painting. Large figure leaning on small figure.

Like dreams, paintings are all about yourself, everything is a self portrait. In this one I am at once Benedicta and Piggyman, perhaps we all are, depends if it’s a good day or not. Don’t feel sorry for Piggyman though, he’s a dirty little bastard that Benedicta likes to keep around ’cause he’s got a few tricks that keep her amused.

This painting is from a series of seven large figurative paintings from the early ’90s. They are all painted in oil on canvas and are large works at 1900 x 2000mm.

Benedicta | Kite | Broken Lance | Jane | Knee Lip | Still Life | St Martin

Preliminary drawings…

Preliminary charcoal drawings from around 1990 for a large oil painting titled Benedicta.

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