Sanctuary Studio Cafe

The cafe used to be at 175 Campbell Street in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia. It's been knocked down now. A shame, it was a great old building and the Cafe had a good feel about it. I had an art exhibition there and it was quite an event at the time... The cafe was setup by Herman who had an architecture business up stairs and the cafe below. All things must pass, as Mr Harrison said. It was great while it lasted...

Sanctuary Studio Cafe Logo


The Palace

In the '80s, before The Palace Hotel was renovated, you could get a $1.50 beef and mustard roll to have with your beer. This was lunch for many City Art students walking between buildings. It used to be a routine after finishing painting sessions at the Flinders Street campus to walk back to the Paddington campus through the Palace Hotel, grab a beef and mustard roll from the hole-in-the-wall type kitchen. That and a quick beer set us up for an afternoon of Myth, Archetype and The Sublime.



L'otel used to be a small French provincial style hotel, bar and dining room in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia. Years ago it was run by Yvonne and Eli' and a friend and I held the first art exhibition they had there. It was a good space back then and I had a few other exhibitions there over the years. The place changed hands and style a few times after Yvonne and Eli' left and now and the wall space doesn't work for exhibitions.

Dado Exhibition Invitation Card Back

Invitation to the opening of the DADO art exhibition held at L'otel

Kite oil painting

Kite Oil painting exhibited at DADO

Bagel House


The Bagel House was a great Sydney cafe, near Taylor square, I played some jazz there in the '80s with some friends. I wonder what became of the Portelli family? Lovely people, think we played at their house for a birthday some time too.

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