Strictly Ballroom Dance Floor for Auction on eBay

I've got the dance floor from Strictly Ballroom up on eBay for sale. The floor used to be installed in my studio years ago but it's been in storage for years and I think it's about time someone else had a go. Baz Luhrmann's Strictly Ballroom is listed on imdb and the floor can be seen in the trailers hosted on that site.


Art Studio

I had a great floor in my art studio for a while. After working on Baz Luhrmann's 1992 film Strictly Ballroom, I inherited the dance floor from the film set. I rented a truck, carted it from the film sound stage and re-laid it in my art studio (with a little help from my friends).

It was a big job lugging all that hardwood but it was worth it. For the filming the floor was made to look old and dark by spraying a thin coat of paint over it. So it initially looked pretty dull when it was first installed but I sanded the whole thing back and applied a couple of coats of clear varnish and it made a huge difference.

Art Studio Floor

Art Studio Floor

When the government finally kicked us out of the wharf studio, the floor came up and went in storage for a long time. I was there for years until water got into the container and ruined it. I have had other art studios since then but none of them have had a floor quite like that. By the way, the photo' below is of the Toledo set from the Strictly Ballroom film. It was just near the studio. It was taken a while after the filming and a fence had been erected around the whole power station site. It's all gone now flattened to make way for the Sydney casino.

Toledo set from Strictly Ballroom film

Throwdownyourguns - Carbon Neutral Hosting

2013-06-14 Update: I have recently updated the web site and changed the domain name from '' to ''


The good people at Ilisys who host the this site just announced they are "the first hosting company in Australia to become carbon neutral". Ilisys said "By running our headquarters and data centre on 100% renewable energy and offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions from other business activities we have reduced our carbon footprint to zero". You gotta be happy about that!


Reagan, Gaddafi and Van Gogh - all in it together

I recently had transparencies of some works digitised and I'm in the process of adding the new images to the site. This one titled Sowers is from 1991 and was sold at an exhibition a while later. It was about Reagan and Gaddafi and their insane behaviour back then - nothing much has changed really, different punk-actors the same old story.

Sunflower Kids

Late '60s in New Zealand Somewhere...

Sunflower Kids - Photograph of children in sunflower field wearing ponchos.

...elsewhere others were having their fun too; Woodstock was happening, the Americans invaded the moon and Penthouse was launched.

I also seem to remember Popes dying and important Americans being shot. It was worrying but it didn't really seem to matter ultimately, because we knew the Russians were going to invade New Zealand and we would all die in a final blaze of glory fighting them off in the mountains with our .22s.

We survived though and now in 2006, the Russians still haven't invaded. Looking back I'm not sure they knew we even existed.

The biggest threat from Russia theses days is rust; that slow but steady chemical weapon of mass destruction, eating it's way through the hulls of out-of-work nuclear submarines.

Crack a few of those babies open in the ocean, on the way over mix it up with a dash of leaking-French-Moruroa-muthafucka-atoll-sauce and that smear will work it's way through all the beautiful beaches of the Pacific; through all the beautiful skin of the Pacific; through all the beautiful bones of the Pacific.

Now I know I've got the geography and ocean currents all wrong and strontium-90 probably doesn't even float...

But the point is to do with innocence, imposition and imperialism. It's not anti-Russian or French. The point is, yes, it's all ultimately meaningless and we are going to die anyway but that doesn't give you the right to determine the mode of my demise.

Friedrich Nietzsche poetically said,1

But to feel squandered as mankind (and not just as an individual), as we see the single blossom squandered by nature, is a feeling above all feelings.

Nietzsche's squandering is more existential, inevitable, biological but it's this undeniable finality to it all that for me makes the moment all the more valuable. It engenders a respect for life that I don't see any account for in the grand imperialisms and fundamentalisms of our age, or the piss-weak ones for that matter.

Mururoa Atoll
Moruroa Atoll
ISS004-E-6730 NASA

Take the Howard, Liberal government in Australia as an example of the piss-weak squandering of life's dignity and meaning. He has an opportunity in the Pacific to be the engine room of a massive renewal in human dignity for the indigenous people of the region, he has an opportunity to be setting an example of respect for the land, water and air, he has an opportunity to start the revolution in alternative energy... but what does the stain do? Nothing, fucking nothing! It's now more likely we'll be invaded by the little known revolutionary group, the Indigenous Pacific Peoples Liberation Army (IPPLA) than the Russians.


The Big Daddy Blues

Since establishment of the web site, I have been keeping a keen eye on Google’s index to see if and when the site gets picked up, so I’d like to give a big welcome to Big Daddy who’s been sniffing around since 7 Feb 2006 - do drop in any time - I’ll try to keep things the way you like ‘em…

Google indexing graph

Apple Newton MessagePad 2100

The Apple Newton MessagePad 2100 with the Newton Keyboard attached. Perhaps Apple will catch up with themselves one day soon. I used this set up extensively for some while for email, calendar and to-do items. I carried around an Apple LocalTalk kit as well with a LocalTalk to Ethernet adaptor. It all worked well but the Newton synchronisation software on the Mac was no end of trouble.

Apple Newton MessagePad 2100


Throwdownyourguns Shows Scant Regard for Testing

Media Release Throwdownyourguns Shows Scant Regard for Testing SYDNEY, Australia—April 04, 2006—Throwdownyourguns today announced that they were sick of waiting to get all the content finished before launching their new web site so just went ahead and whacked it up there. Guy Chapman, Director of Throwdownyourguns said "I know our guiding principle is - if it's worth doing, it's worth over-engineering - but some times you just need to get things done, bugger the testing, let's get something up there to kick this thing off." Throwdownyourguns is a web site dedicated to the art work of Guy Chapman containing images of his paintings, drawings, film and photography. Chapman said "There is a huge amount of content yet to come and I will be adding to the site as I get the images scanned". ---- 2013-06-14 Update: I have recently updated the web site and changed the domain name from '' to ''



Well, not just yet... I'm gonna try to keep this thing in its holster until it's really needed.



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